Yardman Lawn Tractors – the 15.5 Hp/42 inch Lawn Tractor

These Mid-range Yardman lawn tractors come with a good size twin blade cutting deck of 42 inches (106.7cm) and a strong Briggs and Stratton engine that will keep them running on a variety of different terrains.

The  Yard15.5 Hp 42 inchman lawn tractors are well regarded by their owners for quality of cut at a very affordable price.

The power and mowing deck width puts it a cut above its smaller 12.5 HP/38 inch Yardman lawn tractor brother and means it is suitable for slightly large areas or places with more slopes.

These machines are made by MTD, powered by Briggs and Stratton and pretty highly rated for the way they are easy to use and available at very competitive prices. They’ll take care of the job at hand efficiently and reliably but won’t cost the earth in initial purchase costs or ongoing maintenance costs.


Yarman lawn tractors - the 15.5/42


Features at a glance

Model 15.5/42, model number 13AM772S055
Recommended Area 1.5 to 2 Acres (6000 – 8000m2)
Acceptable Terrain Flat, Light Slopes, Some Obstacles
Cutting Width 42 inches (106.7cm)
Engine Power (horse power) 15.5 HP
Engine Make Briggs and Stratton PowerBuilt
Transmission 7-Speed Shift-On-The Go system
Steering Manual
Turning Radius 18 inches (45.7cm)
Grass Discharge Side Discharge with Mulching and Bagger options available
Approximate Price $950 – $1,050 US


Driving the Yardman 15.5/42

Briggs & Stratton provides this Yardman tractor with a mid-power 15.5 Hp PowerBuilt engine that is strong enough for most tasks. These Yardman tractors will cover areas up to 2 Acres (8000m2) or more, even on slopes, although for safety reasons you should stay away from inclines over 15 degrees.

The transmission is Yard-man’s proprietary Shift-on-the-go system. You put it into gear and off you go. It has 7 speeds and will get up to about 5.5 mph

Rear tires are a nice large 20 inch (50.8cm) radius.

Cutting with the Yardman 15.5/42

The 42 inch (106.7cm) twin blade cutting deck cuts a fair swathe for this size of machine. The 18 inch (45.7cm) turning radius is around average for its class and wis more than adequate for most purposes. The floating deck provides a smooth cut, but it may need to be assembled first.

A manual lever controls the height of cut and offers choices from 1.5 to 4 inches (3.8cm – 10.2 cm). Grass is disposed of through a side discharge system, with mulching and bagging options available.

Working with the Yardman 15.5/42

Like any Yardman tractor, these Yardman lawn tractors are generally easy to use. There aren’t too many frills, but that is why the price is around $1,000 US. Aimed at first timers and those who want a bigger machine than its 12.5Hp/38inch brother but don’t have an enormous lawn or property to deal with. The only real issues are a relatively small fuel tank (only 1.5 gallons) and a low back seat.

Available Accessories

  • Mulching and Bagger Kit
  • Snow Blower
  • Snow Blade/Thrower

Good Points

  • User friendly
  • Economically priced
  • Good deck size for its power
  • 2 year warranty

Bad Points

  • Small fuel tank
  • low-back seat
  • Mulching kit not supplied as standard


These Yardman lawn tractors are very nice mid-range riding mowers, well rated by their users. They are easy to operate and good value for money.

The Cutting deck is big enough to cover larger gardens in a relatively short time.

Winter accessories are available, so there will be use for this Yard-Man tractor during the snowy months.

Go ahead and purchase this 15.5/42 Yardman from Northern Tools from Amazon.com.

We recommend Amazon because we know you can trust its service and because it usually offers the best deals around, online or offline.

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