Weed Eater Lawn Mowers – The Weed Eater One

Is this the world’s cheapest and most compact riding lawn mower?

Weed Eater WE-ONE 26-Inch 190cc Briggs & Stratton 875 Series Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower With Electric Start

Weed Eater lawn mowers are generally aimed at specific markets. The Weed Eater One is a prime example. Weed Eater describes it as:

“… the first compact riding mower on the market.”

And that seems to me to be a pretty good way to describe this unique mowing machine.

The Weed Eater One is a simple and easy to use riding lawn mower for those who don’t need a traditional lawn tractor but do need something more than a walk behind machine.

If you are looking for a bargain in the more traditional tractor style, check out our reconditioned and like-new lawn tractor bargains.

Weedeater One Features at a Glance

  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton 875 OHV Series engine for reliability and power
  • Simple and efficient friction disc drive system
  • 3 forward gears and one reverse gear for maximum flexibility
  • 26 inch cutting width for far quicker cutting than a walk behind mower
  • 5 cutting heights for adjustments to suit all conditions
  • Overall width of less than 36 inches for easy storage and access through garden gates
  • 2 years manufacturers’ warranty

Who is the Weed Eater One Suitable for?

This Weed Eater lawn mower is designed to be suitable for you if:

  • You have no more than an acre or so to mow
  • You don’t have much sloping ground and any slopes you do have are not too steep
  • The terrain you intend to mow is not particularly rough or bumpy
  • The terrain is not prone to bogginess
  • You have gates or access points that a large riding lawn mower or lawn tractor won’t fit through
  • You need a riding lawn mower that can be stored easily in a relatively small space
  • You don’t need your machine to be able to do anything other than cut your lawn. In other words you don’t need a riding lawn mower that takes lots of attachments
  • You are looking for a budget machine.

The Weed Eater One won’t suit you if you have a very large yard (1 acre plus), hilly or rough terrain or you need it to tow implements or do more than mow your lawn.


How does it drive?

For a start (and it does have electric start, by the way), the Weed Eater One has a Briggs and Stratton engine. There may be high tech engines that are praised more highly by the mechanically minded than Briggs engines when it comes to performance. But Briggs and Stratton engines don’t power a very high proportion of the outdoor power (and especially lawn mower) market by chance. These are good strong, reliable motors.

That said, the engine in the Weed Eater riding lawn mower is certainly not ultra-powerful (190cc displacement, no more than about 6.5hp). In fact you’ll find it in some walk behind mowers. But, and this is an important point, it is powerful enough if you have the right conditions (see ‘Who is it suitable for?’ above).

There are 3 forward speeds and one reverse speed. The highest forward speed is for when you just need to drive a long without mowing, so it’s best not to try engaging the blades in that gear. The friction disc transmission system is essentially manual – you have to physically change gear each time you want to change speed, so it is not a smooth as some more expensive transmission systems. However, it does have cruise control which means that once you’re in gear and traveling you can take your foot off the pedal and, … er, cruise. In addition, the brake and clutch are pedal controlled too.

Some users report that the Weed Eater doesn’t handle especially smoothly. That is no doubt the case if you compare it to a more expensive lawn tractor or if you use it on bumpy or sloping ground. The key is to adjust your expectations in line with the price you’re paying and also to drive the Weed Eater appropriately for the conditions you face.

How does it cut?

This is where the Weed Eater One riding lawn mower scores highest. The cut that you’ll get from the 26 inch cutting deck is remarkably smooth, which is pretty impressive for a single blade mower.

The deck height adjusts in 5 steps between 1.5 and 4 inches, with the height adjuster mounted on the fender. Some users complain that it can be difficult to adjust the height, so take a bit of time when you first get your machine to get this right.

The fact that the deck height can be adjusted means that you can allow for any slight bumps or tree roots in your yard by raising the cutting height accordingly.

The deck itself is tough and made of 13 gauge steel.

The turning circle is not fantastic – the manufacturer gives 30-40 inches as the turning radius which is much more than some bigger machines. But this will only be a problem for you if you have lots of obstacles or tight turns in your garden that you’ll need to negotiate.

As standard, the Weed eater One comes with a discharge chute and deflector for side discharge of grass clippings. The chute can be lifted by a simple lever so as to narrow the overall width of the machine when maneuvering through gates or narrow gaps or for easier storage. A mulching option is also available.

A twin bin clippings collector bag is available as an optional extra to help leave a tidier lawn behind you when you’ve finished.

How much does it cost?

You’ll need to check for the latest prices but expect to pay around $750 to $850 for the standard model.

How does it compare with similar riding lawn mowers?

As usual, it depends what you are comparing it to. There are riding lawn mowers that are more powerful, there are riding lawn mowers that are quicker and there are riding lawn mowers that will cover more ground or maybe give you a smoother ride.

But what you’ll be hard pressed to find is a riding lawn mower that is cheaper than the Weed Eater One.

As one reviewer on Amazon puts it:

“This is the cheapest way to mow your lawn while sitting down. And that’s pretty much what you get.”

By comparison, the Poulan Pro PB30 is around $1,000 and the Craftsman 28 inch riding lawn mower is around $1400. But, to be fair, these are both much more powerful machines.

Does it need assembly?

It will be delivered in a crate that will need dismantling and disposal. After you’ve done that you’ll need to fit the seat and the steering assembly, but these are straightforward to do.

Fill it with gas and then check everything is adjusted the way how you want it (check the deck height especially) and then off you go.

Are there any accessories I might need?

You can get a 26-Inch Two-Bin Bagger Kit for grass collection. You may also need a siphoning bottle because you’ll need to siphon out the old oil when it is time for an oil change.

What are the good points about the Weed Eater One?

  • Economical price
  • Easy to use
  • Will fit through small access points, like ordinary yard gates
  • Small dimensions make it easy to store
  • Good quality cut
  • Rear engine means no exhaust fumes in your face
  • Economical with gas

What are the bad points?

  • Adjusting the height of the cutting deck can be tricky
  • Won’t cope with big slopes or very bumpy or uneven terrain
  • Can vibrate quite a bit
  • Seat is not especially comfortable – you might need a cushion
  • Some users report mechanical failures, even after only a year’s operation


Anything else I need to know?

Here are some other vital stats that are not mentioned above:

Fuel tank volume: 0.3 gal.
Oil capacity: 20 oz.
Speed forward: 0-3.8 mph
Speed reverse: 1 mph
Tire size, front: 10 x4″
Tire size, rear: 13×5-6″
Wheelbase:  44″
Length:  58.75″
Width:  31.375 ”
Height:  39.5″
Weight:  212lbs

Where can I buy the Weed eater One?

You can buy the Weed Eater One at Amazon, where you’ll get free shipping and reliable customer service

Some of the big box stores stock them too.

I live in California. Can I get a model that complies with California’s emissions laws (a CARB compliant model)?

Yes there is a model available for California. You’ll find it here:

Weed Eater ONE-CA CARB Compliant

Any Final Thoughts

The point about these Weed Eater lawn mowers is that you need to recognize what it is you are getting.

This is pretty much the cheapest gas powered riding lawn mower around. So don’t expect it to perform like a John Deere X700. Don’t expect it to climb hills well and don’t expect it to cut rough paddock grass very easily. If you’ve got those conditions look for something else.

What you can expect is a machine that is easy to use, economical to run and easy to store.

Above all, in the right situation, the Weed Eater One offers an affordable solution that will cut your grass well and save you bundles of time in doing it. And that is what it’s designed to do.

However, we have had reports of some problems with this mower (see comments below).

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  1. says

    This is a great one, love the pricing!! We were shopping the other day and saw one like it for over 1500 so thanks for this info!!!

  2. Joseph says

    I don’t know, the price makes me think it wouldn’t last long, but maybe that is just the media brainwashing me- who knows!

    • says

      Hi Joseph
      I guess you get what you pay for in this world and there’s no point pretending the Weed-Eater One stacks up against a top of the range John Deere, for example. It doesn’t, but then neither does the price. With the Weed-Eater, there is a 2 year manufacturers warranty, plus if you buy it form Amazon they have a pretty robust returns policy.

  3. Jamie says

    The width is perfect for my small yard, my wife has all this crap in it so a bigger mower is hard to get around all the trees and everything. Thanks for the find!

  4. Craig says

    I just bought a weed eater this friday. Theres some things i like and things i dont. It has 3 speeds and the slowest is too slow. The 2nd speed is to fast so i ride the break the whole time. The 3rd speed will get you across the yard very fast. Its kind of a small wheel base so you gotta be careful on slopes. i got it at walmart and the tag said $697.00 but at check out it ended up being $745.00. im sorry but to me its still hard spending that kind of money. but its way cheaper than other ones. I actually look forward to mowing now because push mowers suck.

    • says

      I think you summed it up. For the money you’re spending it’s probably never going to be absolutely perfect. But it beats pushing a mower if you’ve got a lot of grass to cut.

  5. Sam says

    Purchased 7/29/2010. Ran OK then and mowed a couple of times this spring. After I replaced battery on the 1st of May it would not start. I called all of the customer service numbers in booklet and was given 4 repairmen who did their warranty work. Three of the four no longer did warranty work for them and the fourth never answered the phone. I checked on the internet and many people have had the same results, no service on warranty.

    • says

      Your situation certainly isn’t good. I did a bit of research and found this site, which seems to be an online support forum run by Husqvarna (who are associated with Weed Eater): Answer Army Weed Eater Warranty question

      The message there is one from a guy who has the same problem as you and the responses suggest that they are going to make sure he gets his repairs done. So it might be worth following up. Hope this helps.

  6. Don Brewer says

    I bought one of these units back the end of April, but just got to try it last week. It seems to run fine, but on engaging the mower, I discovered a disconcerting amount of vibration. Is this what one can expect? Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a cure that anyone has found?

  7. Steve says

    Had this mower for a little over a year, it is not safe to operate, in my opinion. Had cotter pins break 3 times causing a loss of steering control. Finally, a weld broke on the frame (I only weigh 150lbs) and the mower almost rolled over. I took the mower to an authorized repair shop, and Weed Eater decided to replace the entire mower. The repair shop tested the new mower when it arrived-it didn’t work. He replaced the transmission. Tested it and it still wasn’t right, he found the pulley from the engine was bent, he fixed that and I picked it up. Next day I tried to mow the lawn and when I engaged the deck, the mower will no longer move forward. I called WE and they had the repair shop pick it up. I told them I would at this point just like to have my money back because I no longer have any faith in their mower being safe or reliable to operate. Two weeks and 8 phone calls later they tell me they will not refund our money. I then asked them if they stand behind their products or not, because I am not going to risk my safety or anyone else’s using this mower anymore and if they won’t make it right I will have to contact the BBB, to which the WE customer service rep said, “Since you have chosen to take this route, we are ending contact with you,” and she hung up on me. Worst customer service experience of my life.

    WE made a product that is so poorly built, that in my experience is unsafe for use, and refuse to take responsibility when a customer simply asks for a refund. I will never buy another WE, Poulan, or Husqvarna product again. They do not stand by their products or take responsibility when they have made a poor quality product.

    • says

      HI Steve

      That stinks. You should be getting value for money with any product. I year’s use doesn’t sound vfm to me.

      I think we all have to accept that our power equipment is not indestructable and that things will go wrong. However, there is a limit to how much should go wrong in a given time frame. Things looks to have crossed that line.

      The other thing is customer service. Manufacturers can do themselves so much harm by not approaching this properly.

      Just think how much more goodwill you would have to WE/Poulan/Husqvarna if they’d refunded your money. That is good will that would likely have been translated into recommendations to others and further purchases by you.

      I’m going to change our review of this product I think.

  8. Nora says

    I purchased this mower last year. I have maybe just put 25 hours on it. Recently, it feels like the chains on the rear wheels are slipping! Has anyone else had that problem? I don’t think they are really jumping the sproket but they produce a knocking sound and quite a vibration. It is most pronounced when I turn to the left. I have many trees to mow around and do turn a lot when I mow. Any ideas??? I live on an island and would need to truck the mower to the mainland to find an authorized mechanic. If anyone has any ideas on how I might adjust the chains or do further testing, please, please let me know! Thanks! Nora

    • Steve says

      If your Weedeater One is vibrating the friction drive wheel is and needs replaced, I don’t think a complete drive mechanism, this is by far not a transmission, is needed. Replace the drive wheel with Snapper smooth inside friction drive wheel with friction band and the vibration is will go away if the rest of the drive is ok. Don’t forget to lube the chains, there are 3, with a little grease.
      My only caution is that removal of the drive wheel can take some time and patience.

  9. cliff grant says

    I love this mower. This is the second year. 39 cuts to date. Only had one flat tire. Put a plug in it and is working fine. My yard size is 60 x 120. Perfect for this size yard. And the price was right. I was using a lawnservice before. The mower has paid for itself. Thank you

  10. frank says

    i have had the weedeater one for over 2 years,it has not been running for one year,the frame weld broke,and the brakes will not stop it when that happens,i came off the seat to make it shut off,had to replace 2 front tires,the steering is messed up,the adapter is made out of plastic and will give out with in a year,the transmission jerks,not much good to say about it,after one year time to junk it,


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