My opinion of MTD

by Kenny Sutton

An MTD Yard Machines lawn tractor

An MTD Yard Machines lawn tractor

OK, here is my opinion of MTD lawn and garden tractors.

They are all JUNK!!!!! Look at any Murray, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Bolens, smaller John Deere, White, Husqvarna, Yard Man, or any tractors you find in retail stores,and they are ALL the same.

We have a Murray that we use at one of the farm properties we have,and it stays there to mow the yard around the house. Well,its a PILE OF JUNK!!!!!! Cheap engine that’s worthless, mower deck that’s paper thin, all to bend it. Transaxle is the worst shifting thing ever. It’s to the point it is very UNRELIABLE,and we just parked it in the junk pile recently. Perfect place for it.

I have worked on LOTS of these junk throw away mowers for friends,and other people in town.I have worked on Craftsman, Yard Man, Older MTD, as well as some of the new smaller John Deere mowers. Don’t let anyone tell you that MTD does not make John Deere mowers because for example a 2007 Craftsman is the EXACT same tractor as the John Deere L-100,same cheap design,same body and everything,just different colors.

Any more, when someone asks me to work on their mowers that are MTD built, I fix them, and tell them they will save money by buying an older John Deere, or something heavier built. Most of the time, after a year of TROUBLE with these cheap things,they buy something better.

I have a 1968 John Deere 110,that is 43 years old and a 1984 John Deere 316 that is 27 years old,and they are built SO MUCH BETTER and last a lot longer.

Oh yeah and by the way, the sticker on the back of some of these junk mowers has a number for customer service – don’t bother calling it because they WILL give you the run around too.

The MTD tractors all have the same piss poor design. They are made to wear out in a year or 2 so people spend more money on another cheap pile of shit. They are so cheap built that the Murray (MTD) we just junked, I pulled my Agri-Fab 17 cubic foot lawn cart with it only HALF full of mulch and the hitch on the tractor bent down and out.

So, now any time there is an MTD product on my trailer, it’s because i find them just sitting because they are junk and i strip the tires off and haul them to the scrap yard where they belong.

I have 20 of them stashed behind the barn so far to junk. Some run, but the engines they use are such cheap pieces of crap,they aren’t worth keeping the engines around.

Martin of Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide adds:
Wow, thanks for posting your opinion Kenny. No doubt about what you think.

Anybody else have any comments?

This is any important discussion.

MTD does seem to have cornered the market in making other manufacturers products, though it’s hard to get to the bottom of exactly who they do manufacture for.

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May 20, 2013 Only Deere makes Deere NEW
by: Anonymous
The smaller JD series tractors (the L and LA line0 Are made here in TN in the Greenbrier plant.MTD has never, does not and will never make John Deere products.

Apr 04, 2015 your right mostly NEW
by: Anonymous
Mtd doesn’t make john deer or husqvarna but sears,husky,troy built and the rest your right even some murrey when Briggs can’t keep up on orders I work there.

Apr 04, 2015 your right mostly NEW
by: Anonymous
Mtd doesn’t make john deer or husqvarna but sears,husky,troy built and the rest your right even some murrey when Briggs can’t keep up on orders I work there.

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  1. Mike says

    As a truck driver I haul MTD mowers to distribution centers on the east coast. I’m also a Lawn mower enthusiast and I can tell you they are 100% JUNK! Mower today are built for SALES not quality. MTD and Walmart have destroyed the quality of mowers. You can not buy a good mower at a box store! These cheap mowers are made to last 4 to 5 years. Then you go drop another grand on another piece of shit. When I bought my house I bought a new Troy-Bilt Super Pony. Total piece of crap! In 4 years I spent more time working on the mower than I did mowing the yard! I sold it for $200 and bought a 1985 Simplicity for $350 and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve used it for FOUR years and done nothing other than regular maintenance. I have been able to mow my yard without working on the mower for an hour first! Do yourself a HUGE favor and go buy an old Deere or Simplicity or some other OLDER mower and you will have a much better built and longer lasting machine!

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