Murray riding mowers – the RM50 mid engine riding mower available to UK and European buyers

Murray riding mowers are designed for convenience and ease of use. The RM50 (model number 309007X51F) typifies this approach.

This is a true riding lawn mower or ride-on mower, rather than a lawn tractor (see an explanation of the difference on our riding lawn tractors terminology page). Aimed at British, Irish and European conditions, this mid-range model of the Murray riding mowers fleet is made for medium size areas of up 6000m2 (1.5 Acres) and relatively undemanding terrain.
Murray riding mowers - RM50 mid-engine rider

The Murray riding mowers RM50

Powered by a reliable Stratton and Briggs engine and designed to be used by all gardeners, the RM50 is a very friendly garden helper.

Features at a glance

Model RM50 – 309007X51F
Recommended Area 6000m2, 1.5 Acres
Acceptable Terrain Flat, some slopes,
Cutting Width 76 cm / 30 inches
Engine Power (horse power) 10.5 HP
Engine Make and Type Briggs & Stratton OHV I/C AVS
Transmission Hydrostatic
Steering Low Effort
Turning Radius 30.5cm, 12 inches
Grass Discharge Side discharge and mulching
Approximate Price £ 1,500

Driving the Murray RM50

The RM50, like most Murray riding lawn mowers comes with hydrostatic transmission, making it easy to control the speed of your ride. The 10.5HP, single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine is very reliable and adequate for most mid-size areas, but it is generally aimed at relatively flat terrains and with maybe some light slopes.

The seating position ensures your have the maximum overview of what’s around you. Users generally report that driving is a pleasant and reasonably quiet experience, thanks to a good level of ergonomic comfort and a quiet engine.

Cutting with the Murray RM50

The 30 inch (76cm) wide cutting deck comes with a single blade and cutting heights from 38 – 115 mm. The standard side grass discharge can easily be converted to a mulching action and an optional rear collection bag with 200 litre capacity is available.

The very tight turning radius of 30.5cm (12 inches) makes this Murray riding mower very precise and minimises the need for additional trimming.

Working with the Murray RM50

This is among the easiest to operate of Murray riding lawn mowers. The tool-less deck allows easy management of the mowing deck and all controls are easy to reach. The seating area is comfortable with a large amount of leg-room, due to the step through platform, which makes getting on and off the tractor easy.

Available Accessories

Rear colection bag and standard ability to choose between mulching and side discharge.


Good Points

  • User friendly
  • Inexpensive
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Tight turning radius
  • High quality engine

Bad Points

  • Limited to relatively undemanding terrain
  • Lack of accessories.

The Murray RM50 is an ideal choice for beginners, people on a budget or those who simply want a riding mower for smaller and medium sized lawns. The RM50 is versatile and manoeuverable and strong enough handle a decent sized area while maintaining quality of cut and speed. One definite advantage over other models in this category is its tight turning radius which significantly shortens the time you need to cut your lawn.


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Murray 309007X51 Mid-Engine Ride on Mower with Free 10 Litre Jerry Can

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