The dump cart: is this the best lawn tractor attachment you’ll ever invest in?

A dump cart or utility cart is likely to be one of the most useful – and most used – lawn tractor attachments (or ATV attachments) you ever buy.

You can use a dump cart for hauling all sorts of things around your property, garden related and otherwise. And if you choose carefully, you should get versatility and long years of use.

What should you look for in a dump cart or utility cart?

Utility or dump cart?

The first thing is to determine is whether you want the cart to have the ability to tip or not.

If it tips, it’s a dump cart. If not it’s a utility cart

What are you going to haul?

You also need to think about the kinds of things that you are going to haul. Will it be lightweight material, like grass clippings, leaves or garden prunings? Or are you going to moving soil, rocks or heavy aggregates?

Obviously the answer to this question will tell you whether you need a heavy duty cart with rugged steel frame, like the Precision Products LC1700GY 17-cubic foot trailer dump cart, or something lighter duty, such as the Agri-Fab 45-0345 500-Pound Poly Convertible Push/Tow Dump Cart.

What size cart do you need?

You’ll also need to give some thought to the overall size of cart you want.

Clearly, the cart’s volume will determine the amount of material you can haul with it, but it will also affect the cart’s dimensions. So, if you have narrow access-ways or limited storage areas, make sure you check the size of the cart against the relevant measurements for your property before you buy.

Steel or poly cart?

Nest consider the materials the cart should be made from.

All steel carts are tough and robust, but also heavy and susceptible to rust if not well maintained.

The modern alternative is the ‘poly’ cart. With these carts, like the Agri-Fab model picture above, the tub is made from tough polymer, which is lightweight, won’t rust and needs nothing more than a hosing down once you’ve finished using it.


You’ll also need to decide if you want a two wheel model or a four wheel model cart. Four wheel carts tend to be of larger capacity and, by their very nature, are able to support them selves in a stable position when unhitched from you lawn tractor or ATV.

Two wheel carts tend to be a bit more nimble and easier to maneuver, but they need lifting into position to hitch and must be supported at the front if unhitched with a load on.

Also give some thought to the size of wheels and the kind of tires the cart is supplied with. Large wheels will tend to provide better grip and stability, as will will pneumatic tires with deep treads.


Finally, some carts can double up as tow-carts and push-carts. Clearly these are the smaller models, but this versatility enables you to use the cart for light loads without getting your lawn tractor or ATV out of the garage or shed.

Top dump carts and utility carts

Here is a selection of some of the best carts on the market. These are all available from Amazon and represent exceptional value, especially once you account for the free supersaver shipping.

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Northern Tool Selection

Here is a further selection of carts, including some utility carts, available from Northern Tool.

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