The Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Model 13WG91AT056 (LTX1046)- Features and Review

If you buy a Cub Cadet lawn tractor you can usually expect quality and value for money and this well-regarded Cub Cadet 46 inch, 20Hp hydrostatic lawn tractor (model 13WG91AT056 /LTX1046KW) proves itself in those categories and more.

cub cadet lawn tractor review
Made for Home Depot, rather than part of the Cub Cadet dealer-sold range, this Cub Cadet lawn tracor still scores well with those who’ve bought it. It averages 4.6/5 in the HD reviews and 16 out 16 purchasers recommend it.

Built with innovation and progressive engineering, this Cub model delivers for the home gardener. Its Kawasaki engine gives superior performance, it is attractively and well designed with a range of features that provide real value to the home-owner.

Coming in at under $2,000 at Home Depot, it also represents a good value lawn tractor buy in its class.

Features at a glance

  • Engine Size: 20 HP
  • Engine Make and type: Kawasaki V-Twin
  • Deck width: 46 inches or 116.84 cms
  • Type of transmission: Automatic hydrostatic transmission
  • Recommended area machine can cover: up to 2 acres
  • Recommended terrain: plain terrain/ sloped with obstacles/ slightly hilly
  • 3.3 Gallon tank, which rules out the need for constant refueling.
  • Stainless steel body: durable design, long term strength, resistance to rust and damage.
  • Electric start ignition: convenient to start, every time
  • Comes with a 3-year/120-hr and 5-year/500-hr limited warranty

Engine, transmission, frame

Equipped with a 20 HP V-Twin Kawasaki Engine with a displacement of 603cc, the Cub Cadet lawn tractor (Model 13WG91AT056) packs plenty of power for its price.

It is rear wheel driven and has automatic hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, so you can easily adjust your mowing speed and keep it constant if you wish. it will go up to 5.2 mph forward and 2.3mph in reverse.

This Cub has a stainless steel, rust resistant frame and the front wheel width of 15 inches and the rear wheel width of 20 inches provide for good handling across a variety of terrains to be mowed.

Cutting Sytem

There are 12 different cutting positions to choose from in this Cub Cadet lawn tractor, with cutting heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. The cutting heights can be chosen according to the terrain type, grass length and season, in order to get a perfect job done.

Conversion to a mulching mode is easy with the addition of the correct mulching blades. Its execellent 12 inch turning radius helps you work in tight spaces and around flower beds, trees or other obstacles.

Atachments and accessories

The handling of the Cub Cadet Model 13WG91AT056 can be made more efficient when working with attachments by adding a rear weight bar kit accessory, generally available in a 43 lb weight, which serves to improve the traction of the equipment.

Although this machine is generally made for mowing and light hauling, there is a 46 inch heavy duty snowblade attachment that you can be buy if you live in an area which receives a lot of snowfall.


This cub Cadet lawn tractor is a good choice for those looking for a powerful and easy to handle piece of mowing equipment, within a reasonable budget. The following features make this Cub Cadet model a good buy:

  • High duty, efficient performance
  • 12 cutting heights allow for a lot of selection and preference
  • 12 inch turning radius
  • 20 HP 46 inch twing cylinder Kawasaki Engine maked for mowing equipment
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Well within the mid-budget range, even with the additional accessories which improve its functionality.

However, be aware that at this price point you are not getting the quality of materials and construction you might get at the higher end of the Cub Cadet range. So don’t expect this machine to last you a lifetime.

Buy this Cub Cadet lawn tractor online now.

Check out one purchaser, Claude’s review of the LTX1046KW here. He has some words of warning about the overall quality of the build that thinks it reates preatty well as a mower.


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