Simplicity Lawn Tractors How do they rate for quality and ease of use?

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Simplicity lawn tractors form part of the full range of outdoor power equipment made by the Simplicity Manufacturing Company Inc. Based in Wisonsin, USA, Simplicity has been around in one form or another since 1872.

The company’s pitch for Simplicity lawn mowers (including Simplicity riding mowers and lawn tractors) is indeed a simple one – “if you focus on what’s important – quality of cut,” Simplicity is the brand to choose.

Simplicity lawn tractors Simplicity BroadmoorThe Simplicity Broadmoor

Yard and Garden Tractors

The Legacy XL Simplicity garden tractor, the Simplicity Prestige, and the Conquest Simplicity lawn garden tractors – these are the toughest and most powerful models in the range. With engines above 23 horse-power, they are for mowing large acreages, throwing snow and carrying out the main ground engaging tasks like moving earth and tilling.

Lawn Tractors

The Simplicity Broadmoor and the Simplicity Regent are popular Simplicity lawn tractors, ideal for mowing areas up to around 2 acres (about 8000m2) and with 19.5 to 23 Hp engines they still have the capacity to carry out other yard and garden tasks.

Riding Mower

The Simplicity Coronet is a nimble riding mower for between 0.5 and 1.5 to 2 acres and is well suited to areas with plenty of trees, shrubs and garden beds. It can even tow a dump cart as well.

Zero Turn Mowers

The range of Simplcity zero turn mowers includes the Citation Simplicity lawn mowers, and the ZT300 and Z4000, Axion, Cobalt and Champion Simplicity mowers. These bring commercial specifications into the home garden and are for tight spaces and wide open spaces alike.

The Simplicity Approach

Over the years, like many companies in its sector, Simplicity has cast its acquisition net amongst its competitors as a means of adding to its product range. Perhaps its biggest catch was when it landed Georgia-based Snapper Inc in 2002. This enabled Simplicity to double its size and acquire the Snapper brand name together with the existing Snapper models, including the range of walk-behind mowers which was a market Simplicity had not been in before.

Ironically, Simplicity itself was snapped up by the giant Briggs and Stratton company 2 years later and now operates from within the Briggs group. Nevertheless, Simplicity, which has been manufacturing lawn tractors since 1963, retains its separate identity.

Overall, we like the Simplicity lawn tractors range and way that the company markets and positions its products. There is a focus on simplicity, which in a crowded market place, is no bad thing for the potential purchaser. Even the fact that it is easy to tell one model from another helps. Each Simplicity model has a simple name – Regent, Conquest, Cobalt and so on. Contrast that with those manufacturers who would have us choose between an TX506TR, a TX605TR or TX605RT-XL.

There is actually a serious point to this. Working out which which lawn tractor is best for you is not any easy task. It is made a lot harder when the manufacturers over-complicate things.


BUT… Despite Simplicity’s impressive past and separate identity within the Briggs and Stratton set-up, there are complaints from some Simplicity buyers that the quality of Simplicity lawn tractors is no longer what it was. Have a look at some of the readers stories below, especially Marvin’s story, for example, and some of the comments that his story received.

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