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Cheap Lawn Tractors

Check out our latest selection of bargain near-new and reconditioned lawn tractors and riding mowers, including leading Crafstman and Husqvarna models.

Craftsman CTX series lawn tractor

For full details of the bargain lawn tractors at up to 50% off, click here.

lawn tractor reviews: snapper LT130 lawn tractor reviews: Husqvarna GTH26V52LS lawn tractor reviews: Simplicity Conquest

Choosing your lawn tractor

How do you choose the best lawn tractor to suit you? How powerful should the engine be, what width should the cutting deck be? For that matter, what is the cutting deck?

What about riding lawn mowers or zero turn mowers - how are they different? Would one of those suit you better?

Well, the truth is, the answers to these questions are not especially straightforward.

lawn tractor reviews: Craftsman CTX9500

Modern beauties like this Craftman CTX9500 are complex machines. They come with different specifications from different manufacturers and new models and features are being introduced all the time. Perhaps more importantly, everybody has their own particular requirements and finding the lawn tractor to meet those requirements is essential. It's definitely not a case of one size fits all.


If you're looking to put your hard earned cash into a lawn tractor you need comprehensive reviews that help you make an informed and well researched choice.

Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide provides straightforward, user friendly reviews of lawn and garden tractors, riding mowers, zero turn mower, attachments, parts and accessories.

We like to think that our lawn tractor reviews are:

  • free from jargon
  • presented in an easy to follow format
  • written in non-technical language
  • designed to help you compare like with like.


But in addition to reviews you need a whole range of other information to help you make the choice that's best for you.

If you look at the pages listed under the 'Guidance' section on the left, you'll find that we explain:

  • the terminology used to describe lawn tractors
  • the differences between different types of ride-on mowing machines
  • how to compare different models
  • what the major components are called, what they do and why they are important.

In short, we show you what to look out for as you research your choice of lawn tractor or riding lawn mower and focus on the key features that distinguish one model from another.

The Toolshed

The Lawn Tractor Buyers Guide Toolshed is where we keep some of our latest lawn tractor reviews and where we focus on accessories, attachments and othe lawn care supplies and implements you need to make using your lawn tractor easier and more efficient.

There is a blog format in Toolshed, so it is easy for you to add comments or your own reviews in relation to the equipment we feature there.

If you have other outdoor power equipment requirements, check out our associated site, for the latest guidance and reviews related to lawn mowers, chainsaws, chipper shredders, leaf blowers, log splitters, garden tillers and the like.

home and garden

lawn tractor lift- Mojack EZ

Lawn Tractor Maintenance Time

It's the time of year for replacing blades and belts, clearing debris, greasing and cleaning the undersides of your tractor and deck. You can make it a safer, easier and quicker job with right kind of lawn tractor lift. We review the excellent Mojack EZ here.

Snapper lawn tractor

Best Lawn Tractors

Check out our rundown of the best lawn tractors available right now. We look at the top rated machines in 3 different classes: Click here

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Simplicty is the best by miles!

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Snapper LT130 Riding Lawn Mower

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